Dear all
Thanks for the many replies and suggestions.

I had checked the links at ccp14, none of which works for me (which is why I 
specified I am in Germany :) )
UK -
Canada -
Australia -

Matthew’s link works! Thanks! It seems it is the same version of chekcell I 
have. So nothing newer seems to exist. It’s a pity.
I use FullProf a lot, but I don’t think it has something graphical like I am 
looking for. Fox too is very nice, but same issue, tests the space groups but 
does not let you “play” with them and the related extinctions.

I Will keep looking at other softwares, like Jana, see what I find.

Thank you all


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Thanks Alain.

I also sent my email to Juan. Perhaps FullProf is a bit more than Matteo needs 
for teaching. Your own interactive applications on
are more appropriate for that.

There used to be more web based visual crystallography apps, but changing 
technology and rivalry has been the death of many, such as those based on Java.

Bon courage in finding alternatives.

Regards Alan
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On Thu, 17 Feb 2022, 18:32 filhol, <<>> wrote:
Hi Matteo and Alan,

I never used CheckCell but I think that Jaen Laugier is stil reachable at 
CheckCell was probably developed with an 20 or 30 years old version of Delphi 
Pascal. If you can obtain the source code I have no idea if it would be easy to 
recompile it with a modern version of Delphi Pascal.

May be the FullProf application of Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal 
<<>> offers a suitable 

All the best


On 17 Feb 2022, at 18:06, Alan W Hewat 
<<>> wrote:

Hi Matteo.

Do you mean the old CHEKCELL
I am copying this to colleagues who may be able to help you.

Regards Alan
Dr Alan Hewat, NeutronOptics
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On Thu, 17 Feb 2022, 15:24 Bianchini, Matteo (INT), 
<<>> wrote:Dear 

I used in the past the checkcell program.

I have a version more than 10 years old, and cannot find online a more recent 
one (or any site to actually download any version of the program from Germany).

 - Does anyone know if a recent version exist, and where to find it?

- Does anyone know an alternative software to use ? Note that this is mostly 
for teaching purposes; I know many programs can browse through all space groups 
and help find the best candidates. But I think checkcell had the advantage of 
being graphical, i.e. one could have the students play around with the 
different space groups and see what extinctions would exist and whether they 
would match the experimental data.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards



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