elstensoftware wrote: 
> This is where I want to take bliss eventually, see
> https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2011/03/09/a-blissful-approach-to-automatic-genre-categorisation/
> . Currently it only works such that the tree is scanned upwards until an
> "allowable" genre is found, and only one genre is supported. But I like
> your idea and where you go with it.
> I think the main problem with genres is the sheer number of them that
> can enter your collection.

Be interesting to see how this develops.

The infinity of genre tags that I have in my collection is in part a
function a certain randomness for some tagging on acquired digital files
as well as my own tagging without a system.  If I were starting over
with a blank conceptual slate, I'd be quite systematic with fewer tags
and an understanding that multiple tags can be very useful, especially
with a clear hierarchical structure.

The utility of it all would be when, for instance, I wanted to listen to
something, e.g. acoustic blues, and could just choose the genre and
randomize the play.  Or if I wanted more diversity within the same
theme, just choose blues.

It would also help with identifying holes in the collection.

Really, it's pretty obsessive.  But that's why we have thousands of


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