BJW wrote: 
> I know, I wrote it.  :)
> What I am saying, is absent any comp tags, server will always decide
> something isn't a comp simply bc it also has albumartists tags.  This is
> just one example of erroneous assumptions the software makes at a
> foundational level.  Something isn't necessarily not a comp just bc it
> also has albumartist tags.
> That was my point.

We seem to have a fundamentally different music collection. For my
collection it works great, for yours, well, not. But however this is
implemented, one of us would have to set COMPILATION (as long as there's
no switch between these options). Now you have to set it to one, I can
leave it blank. Otherwise I would have to set it to zero and calling it
"one example of erroneous assumptions", while you may leave it blank.
Win some, lose some?

But I agree that the search could be natively more flexible tag-wise and
could allow for (more) filters (=submenus) aka make more use out of the

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