Hi Matthew et.al.,

Tried to get the configure step working on CentOs to build RDacity. Hit a brick wall mostly.

Can use a hammer and add the mysql libraries etc... but never got the rivcwebapi libraries to link in and be recognized. Since we Don't run Audacity in Linux here I need a more knowledgeable autoconf expert to look at the configure/makefile stuff to get this working.... it's a bunch of library stuff that just doesn't get linked in and thus it won't build completely...mysql and rivwebcapi are the offending libs.

I was worried about the other environments being a bear to get working...but thought I could suss it out...but ...need to take a break from It for now...

Todd Baker

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On September 16, 2016 10:09:59 AM Matthew Chambers <mchamb...@showmeham.info> wrote:

on my CentOS system, I verified that the mysql includes and library are in
/usr/include and /usr/lib, then


then re-ran ./configure && make clean
and sudo make install

still fails to find mysql.h

I'm not quite as familier with linking libraries in CentOS, anyone see
anything I've missed

Matthew A. Chambers, NR0Q

President, Wright County Outlaws ARC

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 7:28 AM, Todd Baker <bak...@rfa.org> wrote:

To any interested parties trying to use RDacity:

Matthew has been trying to compile this version of Audacity and I wanted
to try and give people a heads up
if you are trying to build in in Linux.  May be able to save you some time.

This first hurdle I usually get is unable to find mysql.h.

I remember having to get over that hurdle, and in my digging around I
found that my Linux environment (Ubuntu) had the flags in them for that.
Been a while since I built Audacity in this envionment, so please bear
with me...

Probably a way to get configure to find these, but at the time my
understanding of configure was very minimal (probably still is...)
I added them into my .bashrc file so whenever I logged into a shell they
were predefined.

  export   CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/mysql"
  export     LIBS="-lmysqlclient"

My environment was defined this way - your mysql development include /
library may be defined differently...
I am also assuming you installed libmysqlclient-dev onto your system.
If you have installed it then the command line mysql_config command can
tell you where those are.

By typing
   "mysql_config --cflags"   tells you where the CPPFLAGS should be set to
 and then
   "mysql_config --libs"   tells you where the librarys are.  The LIBS
directive usually knows where this lives
  but needs the name i.e. "LIBS=-lmysqlclient".

All this being said, I am guessing you downloaded and compiled the
rivendell-c-api library.  You will need to also
have that in the CPPFLAGS and LIBS directive.

You will ALSO need the LIBCURL libraries installed, and it needs to be
able to find them as well.
So - another CPPFLAG and LIBS directive probably. LibCurl is neccessary to
compile rivendell-c-api
so you must build this BEFORE building rivendell-c-api.

As I said - I haven't build this in Linux in awhile, and I have never
built this version (with the three
libraries) in Linux at all - only windows.  So................happy

Todd Baker
Radio Free Asia, Washington D.C.
(Give a shout if you have questions).

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