Greetings all,

Work is steaming ahead on producing a Debian appliance of Rivendell. Thanks
to the hard work of David Klann, hopefully we will have a test version in a
month or so. It will be on Debian 8 with the latest version of Rivendell.
We are hoping to have appliance that will be easy to play around with, but
more importantly to install and get up an running quickly. Fred has done a
great job with that on centos, and I would like to replicate that with a
Debian OS.
I have been thinking about a name. The old project was called RRUbuntu. I
had thought of Rivendell Radio Automation Suite. Might be simplistic, but
easy to remember. However, I wanted to through it out to the community for
thoughts, and suggestions on naming. Thanks for your input.

Seth Stevenson
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