While we're on the topic of dropboxes and downloads, please permit me to
self-promote two things: 1) a podcast downloader and importer, and 2) a
dropbox "sanity checker". Both are command line tools to help with
dropbox configuration and maintenance.

The podcast downloader (I call it "Kuchota"; Swahili for "fetch") is a
ZSH script that configures and maintains configuration for the standard
Linux tool "podget" (https://github.com/dvehrs/podget). Details and
source at
(I need to pull it out of its current repo and make it a separate project).

The dropox checker is an experiment in Go (golang.org) that I'm using
with several stations to check the current state of dropbox
configurations and rdimport processes. It attempts to fix simple issues
like permissions and missing directories, and if necessary restarts
rdcatchd(8) to kick off missing rdimport(1) processes. The code is at

  ~David Klann

On 03/06/2018 05:10 PM, Tom Van Gorkom wrote:
> In our case, we have several Riv clients on a server but the dropbox
> setup will be mostly the same on a standalone box as well.  I set up a
> shared folder (rd_xfer) on all Riv clients in our network containing
> folders named for each group that staff would drop audio into, such as
> Music, Instrumentals, Teaching Programs, MiniPrograms, etc. On a
> standalone box, I created a folder on the desktop for importation with
> the specific group folders inside. There is nothing special about these.
> They are only a place to drop the audio files to be imported. Next you
> will point Dropbox to them.

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