Over the past two weeks, I've been working on providing some basic handling of 
dependencies and 'about' information for plugins. Esp. concerning 
dependencies, there is certainly room for further improvements, but I think 
for the moment, this should cover the most important bits.

Not all of this is all new, as Meik had already blueprinted a syntax for 
specifying dependencies and 'about' data. But I have made a few changes while 
working on the implementation, and added some bits here and there. You can 
read up on everything at 
and the following chapter.

As a quick reference for what will need to be covered in rkwarddev:
- <dependencies> is a direct child of <document>, not of <about>. It can also 
be specified per <component>
- <require> gains a new parameter "map", for including plugin maps from 
different packages
- new element <dependency_check> for providing more compatiblity inside 

Also, somewhat unrelated, but not entirely so:
- new parameter "priority" in the <document> element of .pluginmap files. 
Controls whether newly installed pluginmaps will be activated by default.

And another hint:
- Contrary to what the documentation may have suggested, before, it is a good 
idea to set the "namespace" of .pluginmaps to something unique, instead of 
"rkward". At least, if you want to make it possbile for others to <require> 
your .pluginmaps.


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