On 2016-10-05 03.10, Colin Finck wrote:
> Thanks to Dmitry Chapyshev's generous donation of rare FB-DIMM memory
> modules, our Buildserver has enough RAM for the Win7 buildslave VM now.

> Unfortunately, our HDDs were also lacking space, so I had to move the
> public "bootcd_old" folder from iso.reactos.org to another (private)
> place. It contained BootCD ISOs from 2009 to 2012, totalling 421GB.
> Any idea how to deal with them in the long run? I can basically think of
> 4 possibilities:
> * We remove ISOs older than 4 years, because nobody would really do
> regression-testing with them.

A reasonable option, imo.

> * We buy additional HDDs every year and continue to host them ourselves
> just next to the newer ISOs.

Sounds right to me..  HDDs are not too expensive.
I'm willing to pitch in, despite my decrepit pension.

Speaking of which, maybe we could all pitch in to build a new buildserver?
I built my latest workstation for just over 500 euro.
(Xeon E3 3.1GHz, 16 GB RAM, 2x1 TB HDD)

> * We find a free file hosting service for OSS projects that can cope
> with these amounts of data. Not sure SF.net is the right choice here..
> * We choose a paid data storage service like Amazon AWS.

Oh god, no.. Amazon is a nightmare security-wise.
It's practically impossible to define reasonable firewall rules for
Amazon clients, since AWS shifts their IP range around all the time.

> As always, comments are very welcome!

And if fun is permissible..
Someone who likes to tinker could have fun building a CD changer archive :)
Some Al rails, stepper motors, drive belts, servos, a normal BR burner 
drive, and
an Arduino or two to control the mechanics and take commands from the PC.
E.g. pater noster stores don't require too much space.
While it would be slow to fetch old stuff, it would practically never 
run out of storage space.

Best Regards

> - Colin
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