On 2016-10-18 01.51, Colin Finck wrote:
> Am 14.10.2016 um 05:55 schrieb Neo Love:
>>> * We buy additional HDDs every year and continue to host them ourselves
>>> just next to the newer ISOs.
>> Sounds right to me..  HDDs are not too expensive.
>> I'm willing to pitch in, despite my decrepit pension.
>> Speaking of which, maybe we could all pitch in to build a new buildserver?
> Having additional servers is not a problem of hardware costs, but of
> hosting and logistics.

Oh.. It sounded like there was a hardware issue, since you didn't have 
enough RAM
and the build server was too slow.  And yes, of course running costs 
will always
dominate over hardware investment (which can be cheap using Asian sources).

> Our critical services are all hosted on dedicated servers at a decent
> hosting provider. These servers handle standard tasks very well.
> ...
> Therefore, we also bought some specialized servers. They have always
> been hosted in countries where electricity and fast internet connections
> are cheap and where we have a project member to take care of them.

Yes, web/FTP/mail services &c. can be had quite cheaply these days.
It makes sense to move the bandwidth load for e.g. web off our own machines.
I just thought that all build server(s) and test server(s) were our own
machines due to the special programming requirements they have.

South Korea, Ukraine, and Russia have well developed internet
infrastructure at low/competitive cost (per my research at least).
Hmm.. Guess that's why you pointed sideways at Aleksey :)

> But as you can imagine, this can never match the availability of a real
> hosting provider.

Availability, yes.. But requirement-wise I doubt a provider like
AWS or Akamai is a feasible way to go (economically).
They would most likely charge an arm and a leg to get all our
special programming on their (virtual) machines, even if
they would be able to manage it (in an agnostic manner).

> In the next few days, I'm expecting some more servers to be set up at
> our project member's location. If that turns out well, we can think
> about getting additional storage for them.

Rented machines? Or is someone lending us the use of hardware
(and/or bandwidth) out of the goodness of their hearts? :)

> I'm still open for alternative/failover hosting solutions though as this
> shouldn't depend on a single location and person.

Thailand, where I live, have a consumer peak speed of 58 Mb/s
(avg ~10), and electricity is fairly cheap; 6-13 US cent/kWh.
(A home 10M/640k ADSL connect like mine is ~16 US $/month.)
If you'd like, I can look into cost and availability for a fixed line or 

The idea with a self-built CD changer archive was something I just
came up with since I like to tinker myself, and thought it would be
fun to build.. Never mind ;)

Best Regards

> - Colin
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