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In case this happens to be indeed a problem, the additional stuff to add to the 
build scripts would be to upload these bootcdregtest ISOs to iso.reactos.org, 
while using now the local copy on the build machine network.<br>
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Envoyé: mercredi 5 décembre 2018 20:01<br>
Objet : [ros-dev] iso.reactos.org migrated to new server<br>
<div class="gl_quoted">Hi all!<br>
iso.reactos.org, the file server used by our build machines and the<br>
source for https://reactos.org/getbuilds, has been migrated to new<br>
hardware at a different location today.<br>
You should experience better transfer rates due to the increased<br>
bandwidth, and a higher availability. The new hardware also offers more<br>
disk space and redundancy to keep our precious ISOs absolutely safe :)<br>
Unfortunately, the new iso.reactos.org is no longer right next to the<br>
build machines. This has several consequences: If I had left the build<br>
scripts as-is, the build machines would have uploaded the bootcdregtest<br>
ISOs to iso.reactos.org, just to download them multiple times for each<br>
Testbot a minute later. This would be an excessive waste of ISP<br>
bandwidth and would have delayed the entire testing process.<br>
Therefore, I changed the build scripts to keep the bootcdregtest ISOs<br>
within the local build machine network. However, the downside is that<br>
bootcdregtest ISOs are no longer available via iso.reactos.org.<br>
Please let me know if this is a problem for you and needs a solution.<br>
In the past, bootcdregtest ISOs were only available for a week and not<br>
accessible via GetBuilds either, so I have no idea how popular they are.<br>
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