On Sun, 29 Nov 2015, r...@hydrophones.com wrote:

> Hi guys,
> The stability of RoseGarden with its plug-ins is pretty good.  The
> following was recently done using only RoseGarden plug-ins (on Debian
> Squeeze):
> ftp://www.hydrophones.com/Mozart-K488--88p2kHz.flac
> It is almost a half hour long and beat the living daylights out of the
> plug-in functionality.
> I always did a save before changing a plug-in.  I did get a few crashes
> but not always on the same plug-in (e.g. the plug-in could be used on
> another track and worked just fine).  As far as I could tell, in this
> large practical example, no RoseGarden plug-in crashed consistently, and
> running into a crash was a rare event.

Great. For the first 11 minutes I thought it's mixed down to mono :)

What plugins did you use? How many subgroups? Did you use an external
mixer or plugin host?

My experience is similar: No problems with plugins. But deleting audio
clips was "dangerous". Most Rosegarden users don't seem to do much with
audio clips.

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