> D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> I finally broke down and was going to use Ardour for some task.  It
> refused to run in my environment.  The environment I use to develop
> Rosegarden isn't good enough to run Ardour, because some of my
> dungleflungies were not prescribulated.
> If you want a trebuchet, I can build you a trebuchet that can fling
> rocks, but if you want prescribulated dungleflungies, call somebody more
> patient and more interested than I am.  I'd rather build a trebuchet, or
> write music, or eat a bucket of paint, or stick thumb tacks in my nose
> or something.
> That's why I use Rosegarden for most of my audio stuff.
> I will have to get over it and prescribulate my dungleflungies one of
> these days though, or else add features to Rosegarden which would
> require learning more math than ever wanted to fit inside my skull.
> They say music and math and language and math and programming and math
> all go around together hand in hand singing campfire songs, but I do
> what I do in all three areas with just about enough math to fill a good
> sized thimble.
> What was my point?  I had a point.  Well anyway, the Mozart piece was
> nicely done.
> --

Thanks for the comment about the Mozart piece.  Are you old enough to get
the joke in the "album title" ?

Avoiding "dungleflungies" is why when I get a configuration working (in
this case a Debian Squeeze cluster with around 3k cores), I don't mess
with it.  Although I use the Debian Squeeze versions of Audacity quite a
lot for final mastering, I haven't seriously used Ardour in years.  For
me, the interface is non-intuitive and the set-up is painful.

With respect to music, math, language, and programming: I'm "good" at math
(you can Google that one ;-) and "decent" at music.  I used to be a
reasonable programmer but most of my skills there have been overtaken by
more modern object oriented programming languages.  I've never been good
at languages, at least relative to my friends who seem to all speak a half
a dozen, understand a dozen more, and read several dozen.  The human
language guys seem to be the same ones who are good at machine languages
as well.  No wonder they are fully international, they can run a
programming team anywhere from anywhere.

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