On 11/29/2015 04:04 AM, Abrolag wrote:

> Hardly use plugins at all so can't comment on that, but extensively used audio
> alongside midi tracks. I can't recall having any problems.

I finally broke down and was going to use Ardour for some task.  It 
refused to run in my environment.  The environment I use to develop 
Rosegarden isn't good enough to run Ardour, because some of my 
dungleflungies were not prescribulated.

If you want a trebuchet, I can build you a trebuchet that can fling 
rocks, but if you want prescribulated dungleflungies, call somebody more 
patient and more interested than I am.  I'd rather build a trebuchet, or 
write music, or eat a bucket of paint, or stick thumb tacks in my nose 
or something.

That's why I use Rosegarden for most of my audio stuff.

I will have to get over it and prescribulate my dungleflungies one of 
these days though, or else add features to Rosegarden which would 
require learning more math than ever wanted to fit inside my skull.

They say music and math and language and math and programming and math 
all go around together hand in hand singing campfire songs, but I do 
what I do in all three areas with just about enough math to fill a good 
sized thimble.

What was my point?  I had a point.  Well anyway, the Mozart piece was 
nicely done.
D. Michael McIntyre

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