first, thanks and congratulations to everyone involved for making available
for free a piece of software which people around the world are using with
success! That said, my own attempts have only met with dismal failure and
so I'm coming here for help. I have a few newbie questions after I tried
for a few hours to do some really basic stuff; I have already read the
manual, the FAQ, and looked at the tutorials. Since I'm new to this and I'm
not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm also not sure what the exact form of the
questions should be. Therefore this post needs to be rather long -- sorry
in advance. Please tell me if I'm making any basic mistakes. If you don't
have time and want to see the questions, scroll down to '*QUESTION x*'.

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and the default Rosegarden installation: 13.06.
I have an Impact LX25 USB-MIDI keyboard.

My first modest goal is to successfully go through this tutorial:

My 'fire up' sequence is 1) QjackCtl 2) ZynAddSubFX 3) Rosegarden.
I set up the Jack so that ZynAddSubFX will be producing sound to the
I also set it up so that Rosegarden outputs MIDI to Zyn:

You can see I also connect my keyboard so it speaks to Rosegarden only.

I press Rosegarden's 'Manage MIDI devices' button and make sure what I see
resembles the connection I made by Jack, that is, I choose the ZynAddSubFX
port in the menu to the right. (Was the first connection made using Jack
superfluous? Does this hurt?) Now, I follow the tutorial and rename the
device to 'ZYN' (you can also see this in the png linked to above).

But now I'm at a total loss. I would assume that I would be able to change
instruments used in the track from inside Rosegarden. Still, the tutorial
does not suggest this; it tells me to choose '#1' on the Instrument List in
Track Parameters. But I see nothing like this there. As you can see here:
I see '#1 (Acoustic Grand Piano)', so it's obvious something's wrong.
Anyway, the whole list of instruments I can choose consists of '#x
(Acoustic Grand Piano)', for x in 1 to 16, except for '#10[D]'.

At this point my question is: why am I not seeing the banks and instruments
from Zyn inside Rosegarden? At some time I thought I should use the Studio
-> Manage Midi Devices -> Banks -> Import option, but there's no file named
in a way which would suggest a connection with Zyn.

Still, I want to continue the tutorial. So I set the instrument in
ZynAddSubFX to 'analogue bass' and yes, the sound changes when I press the
keys. At this moment I press the red dot, and start recording. At this
moment a segment called "Acoustic grand piano (recorded)" appears. I'm
still hearing the analogue bass sound. But when I play the segment back, I
hear that the first instrument in the first bank of Zyn, that is,
'Arpeggio1', is used. From that moment it is chosen in Zyn, and when I
press the keys on my keyboard I hear it instead of the bass I chose.

Why does recording a segment something in Rosegarden change the settings I
made in Zyn?

More worryingly, from that point on, I can choose what I want in Zyn, but
I'm still playing the 'Arpeggio1' instrument. I'm getting sick of it ;)

Any pointers on what I'm doing wrong? I've been a musician for many many
years, having spent also thousands of hours editing scores, and I'm only
now entering the realm of MIDI. I'd really appreciate any help whatsoever!

Now, this will probably be idiotic, but I need to ask this. Can I somehow
just play General MIDI instruments? Is this done by Timidity? I fired it up
but it doesn't show in the 'Audio' menu of Jack, so I can't tell it to
output any sound to the system.

Best regards,

Leszek Wronski.
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