I have been using Rosegarden since a long time, not going in very deep 
details but just with good knowledge, and tried several times to bypass 
bugs with any sort of workaround, but at present I cannot understand ... 
what I am going to write now:

I select for a midi trace a voice (program) e.g. 123:Wind in bank 0:3 of 
imported a340.sf2 soundfont, but I get selected 123:seashore in qsynth 
channel window, that corresponds to bank 0:0.
In other words, I have to edit by hand the patches configuration  in the 
qsynth channel window in order to get the correct program 123:wind 
played. Otherwise qsynth (fluidsynth) always plays from bank 0:0.

It seems that imported patches from a340 in banks other then 0 do not 
play automatically.
Important : I use three engines and three devices (General midi + 
custom1 + custom2) for three different soundfonts (one soundfont for 
each engine, place at offset 0).

This written  summary is the result of investigations of  strange 
behaviour that I noticed during the last two years about configuring 
banks, offsets and sounds across different rosegarden versions, qsynth 
versions and various Linux distros, .

Last Setup: Ubuntu Studio 15:10 x64 with Rosegarden 16.02 and qsynth 0.4.0.
I have no idea of coming out of this - it could be a conf problem, x64 
problem, MSB/LSB problem, a XML rgd file read problem.

Before switching to other well known programs under Windows less brain 
consuming, I would like to understand if this is a bug or a 
configuration issue ...

Any help ?

More info available if requested by helpers.

Kind Regards,


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