On 18/04/2016 20:49, Silas Mortimer wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 9:45 AM, D. Michael McIntyre
> <rosegarden.trumpe...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I couldn't repeat your gross timing discrepancy between the
>> applications, but I couldn't really work out an effective way to use
>> both of these sequencers at the same time either.
> I kind of figured that the discrepancy in mine probably *should* be
> something like one doubled on the other (due to just how I was using
> the pattern editor, if I'm correct)

One test to do would be:

- make sure Rosegarden and Jack are using Jack Transport and the BPM and 
meter are the same (I think both default to 120 BPM and 4/4 so starting 
from scratch should get you going).
- In hydrogen put one note at the very beginning of the pattern (bar?)
- In Rosegarden create a 1 bar segment and select repeat (checkbox in 
the left pane)
- In Rosegarden open the matrix editor and place only one note at the 
very beginning of the bar
- Ideally the notes in Hydrogen and in RG would have different timbre
- hit Play in Rosegarden.

The two notes should be perfectly synchronised. :-)

If this works then the timing discrepancy depends on the actual 
notes/rhythms you are entering. If it doesn't it would indeed show some 
sort of synchronisation problem.

As a side note on Jack Transport:
One thing I have noticed with Rosegarden and Jack Transport (but with 
Ardour) is that to play well Ardour must be set to 'jack slave' (i.e. in 
Ardour deselect "JACK Time Master") *and* transport operations (play, 
stop, etc.) *must* always be done in Rosegarden. I'm not sure though 
that this is really relevant to Rosegaden <-> Hydrogen interaction.


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