Hello everybody,
am new to rosegarden and (linux) sound system and using it for understanding 
music - and thank you for your great free software first. 

With my first piece of music 
http://www.gutenberg.org/files/117/117-h/music/117-1.mid Beethoven's, Fifth 
Symphony, I stumbled with the problem:

among 19 tracks rosegarden leaves randomly some without sound 
You can see a screenshot here: 
You see in the tracks marked that there should be sound but there is non. For 
example in the 19th track, name Kontrabass (german), there are notes but no 
loudspeaker icon. 

This is how I start rosegarden:
killall timidity;killall qjackctl; killall rosegarden
qjackctl -s &
timidity -iA -Oj -B2,8 &
rosegarden Downloads/117-1.rg&

I use Ubuntu 14.04. Rosegarden:13.06. 

Does anybody have a pointer, to hear all tracks at once?
Thanks in advance

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