On 08/08/2016 06:38 PM, Ted Felix wrote:
> On 08/07/2016 08:15 AM, Mario Gummies wrote:
>> among 19 tracks rosegarden leaves randomly some without sound
>     MIDI only supports 16 channels.

Reading back over the thread, I see Ted caught the user's original 
problem.  He was using Timidity, rather than a DSSI plugin, and indeed 
he probably just ran out of channels and/or had things doubled up or 
otherwise not configured in a viable way.

I think using DSSI plugins would get around that limitation, so 
everybody else is on a viable track with that thinking.

Another option is to create more than one synth engine with QSynth, with 
16 channels per engine.  That's how I roll personally, as I never liked 
using large numbers of DSSI plugins and having to configure every 
fricking one of them individually.  It just feels so wasteful. 
Especially with a separate, separately configured reverb on every one of 

But anyway......

D. Michael McIntyre

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