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As some other people on LAU might have noticed a while back I tried to open a discussion on LAU about jack freewheele as a way to more easily interoperate between jack applications, the scenario being e.g. composing in Rosegarden (which as you know if my favourite sequencer and composition tool) using external synths/hosts (e.g. like Yoshimi but also e.g. linuxsampler or Carla) and then 'exporting' the result to audio 'faster than realtime'. [0][1] I also started a similar discussion specifically in the yoshimi mailing list (yoshimi also being a synth I heavily use in tandem with Rosegarden)...

If I understand correctly freewheeling is currently mostly used in DAWs such as Ardour or Qtractor for exporting a whole session. Cadence-Render [1] also seems to use this mechanism.

From the various discussions and reading documentation online it really seems that in order for freewheeling to work one mainly needs:
- JACK transport (I think in 'slave' mode)
- jack-midi

So the the question is: would it be time to think about jack-midi support in Rosegarden?

There is also another side point that might be relevant here: the more time passes the more the DSSI and LADSP olny plugin support in rosegarden become obsolete. Personally I wouldn't be pushing for, say, LV2 or (Linux) VST supports *in* Rosegarden, for me connecting Rosegarden to external synths and hosts works just fine (better I would say), as I like the idea for composing, *sequencing* and midi, which are a different beast compared to say audio editing. But... maybe an upgrade to jack-midi would help making Rosegarden easier to interconnect and use more of the available hosts, synths etc.

Just some ideas :)

[0] [1] [2]

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