'nice and moody! and handy to be able to play so many instruments :o) !

I can't remember if I've shared this on this list before but just in
case I haven't, here's a sample of what I have been able to produce
using this amazing (free!) piece of software plus a Korg M1 and M3. 
My version of 'Little Umbrellas' from Zappa's 1970? 'Hot Rats' album.


I'm particularly proud of the fact that I managed (more or less) to
transcribe this mofo. The process was difficult, painful and lengthy and
a.f.a.i.k. this is the only extant transcription of the middle section
of this piece. There's also a take on 'Black Page part II' on my
Soundcloud account for the musically, terminally masochistic.

Best wishes to all Rosegardeners and huge thanks to the developers.


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