I'm new to Rosegarden and I wonder how to control transport operations from
an external DAW, in my case Ardour 6.
The manual says it's possible, but I'm failing to find the correct
connections, it seems. Can anyone help?

What I tried:
1. Create an Ardour test session with a midi track
2. In Rosegarden's Midi Sync preferences, selected "accept Start, Stop, and
Continue", and set to "slave" as MIDI MMC and MIDI TCM
2. in Jack2 (actually, Cadence's Catia GUI for jack2) connect the midi
track input port to Rosegarden's "out 1 - General MIDI Device" port
3.in Jack2, connected Ardour's midi track out to Rosegarden's "External
Controller" in port
4. Armed Ardour and started recording.

I was expecting Rosegarden to start playing as soon as Ardour started
recording. Did not happen.
The Midi in connection in Ardour works---if I start Rosegarden manually, I
can both hear and record its output in Ardour. But I can't control it from

What am I missing?

Stefano Franchi

stefano.fran...@gmail.com <stef...@tamu.edu>
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