On 6/6/20 12:17 PM, stefano franchi wrote:
2. In Rosegarden's Midi Sync preferences, selected "accept Start, Stop, and Continue", and set to "slave" as MIDI MMC and MIDI TCM

Both set to slave seems reasonable. I've not done any of this before, though.

2. in Jack2 (actually, Cadence's Catia GUI for jack2) connect the midi track input port to Rosegarden's "out 1 - General MIDI Device" port

So Ardour is recording rg's output? Should be ok if that's what you want to do.

3.in <http://3.in> Jack2, connected Ardour's midi track out to Rosegarden's "External Controller" in port

This might be the problem. I'm pretty sure rg doesn't respond to MMC and MTC via the "External Controller" port. From digging through the code (see testForMMCSysex()), it looks like rg responds to MMC and MTC via the "record in" port. Try connecting to that.

Hopefully someone else with more experience with this can chime in and confirm.


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