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I use a system that goes like this

For output streams


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Problem is that I can only configure Rosegarden to play directly through Jack. that would have been OK if Rosegardne actually had a functional volume control which it seems not to have. I open the audio mixer and the midi mixer and playing back a midi clip neither of these mixers manage to act as a volume control.

You didn't specify how you are producing sound... Rosegarden is a sequencer which can potentially use 'any' (soft)synth which will recognise midi. That means that the concept of 'global' volume is variable and depends on the type of (soft)synth you attach to it).

Maybe if you can give some more details about your use case more precisely people on here can suggest ways to work with this set-up.

For instance... One way would be to connect jack to some plugin host (like Carla [1] and then control the volume of the plugins producing sound in there (or even have a 'master' volume plugin).

This example shows that unlike many 'DAWs' in other operating systems you have to think of rosegarden (or at least that's how I see it) as the sequencer part of a more modular system :-)

Rosegarden is really great software, i have no complaionts but obvious things like VOLUME CONMTROL is not even present which really undermines this excellent software.

Why not have a GLOBAL master volume on the interface ?
It is not in the scope of jack to have mixers and volume controls. I verified that with the Jack developers on several occasions

JACK is just an audio 'server'... volume should be implemented in the software, that's correct.

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If the above with Jack turns out not to have a volume control, how do I configure Rosegarden to use Pulseaudio ? In the Audio Config there are only jack settings and no Pulse Audio or Alsa or other settings I can select to use these.

Like most linux audio/music software Rosegarden uses jack. There are ways to route jack through pulseaudio. Search for pulseaudio jack sink there are various tutorials on how to do it.

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Also, there is a repeatable crash stopping a recording taking the contents of the recording with it which is very destructive. Most of the times inspirations can only be captured once and not reproduced and it is heartbreaking if Rosegarden just crashes when you press the stop button. It goes a bit better with less crashes if I just click on the record button again to stop a midi recording.
Question is: Is this a known bug for the last few releases ?

Did you check the bug tracker here: https://sourceforge.net/p/rosegarden/bugs/?
Anyway I'll leave the devs answer to this :-)

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