I now use Rosegarden 20.06 on Ubuntu Studio 20.04 (xfce desktop environment) without major problem but I still have some questions about things that have worried me for a long time:

1) While using Rosegarden, I cannot play a video on Youtube, or play a piece of music using Parole Media Player. The only way I know to work around this is to change the settings of QjackCtl:
Execute script after Startup: a2jmidid -e &
Execute script on Shutdown: killall jackd

It works, but I'm not very sure what it does, and above all I wonder if there is not an easier way?

2) Each time the PC and Rosegarden are restarted, I have to check and change my MIDI connections because the MIDI ports of my external USB sound modules are systematically inconsistent (MIDI Playback devices related to MIDI Outputs). I believe Rosegarden has an internal function for "smartly" attaching a MIDI device, according to its name, but it doesn't work for me. Surely I must miss something but what?

Is there anything to add to the .rgd file? For example I have already seen something like this, which uses the keyword "connection":

<device id="0" name="Roland XV-2020" direction="play" variation="" connection="72:0 XV-2020 MIDI 1 (duplex)" type="midi">

But since the port number can change at each boot, or depending on the order in which the devices are turned on, maybe this is not a good method?

3) And by the way, where can we find a complete manual about the xml format of .rgd files?

Best Regards.

Christophe MALHAIRE

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