Hi Ted,

Took me a while to process everything and also report on some testing...

On 25/10/2022 02:34, Ted Felix wrote:
On 10/22/22 9:34 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
   Philip has made a number of improvements as a result of running cppcheck.  Some general regression testing would be helpful here.

How could we test this? :-)

  Just do what you usually do.  It's rare that these sorts of cleanup changes break things, but historically you guys catch any issues within a week or two.  Which is quite impressive.

After my last email I have used the latest git and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I have not however used the notation editor much.


Maybe as RIGHT-CLICK and SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK seem to be functionally the same if they could be differentiated.

  Not sure what you are saying here.  Shift+left and right are treated exactly the same in the code for historic reasons.  Only right-click is documented in the tool tip.
Yes, what I mean is because at the moment they do the same thing, one shortcut could be 'freed' for doing something else (maybe still in the loop realm...)

  Since Advanced Looping is a new mode, we can reassign these any way you want.  The hope is that Advanced Looping will become the default for 23.06 if all goes well.

What I was hinting to is that maybe the latest one introduced for advanced loop and the 'oldest' for traditional loop.

Also, OK for it becoming the default, but __please__ lets keep 'traditional' loop and its very functional ergonomics (i.e. keyboard+mouse shorcuts and quick (de)activation from the ruler): I consider it really valuable in many situations and have/will used it a lot! ;-)

If advanced loop is on and activated (i.e. blue) I think it's confusing to see the former loop range in lighter blue, as this is not used now.

  Right.  The reason for this is that the range can still be used for editing.  E.g. Edit > Cut Range.

Good point, then I take that back!

So maybe as advanced loop has the 'precedence' on normal one just make the whole range (up to the end of the last segment) blue (or whatever colour is chosen): i.e. have a visual clue on the ruler of what is actually being looped?

  Then we will have to disable the range menu items which limits what one can do while in this mode and could lead to confusion.

No, no, I had missed this aspect. Cut/copy range etc. are really powerful and while I admittedly haven't used them a lot recently, I have in the past and deactivating functionality like that for the advanced looping seems a little too 'extreme'

My approach
was for Advanced Looping to always show the range regardless of on/off/all loop status.  This makes it easier to use the edit range features.


There is also now an ambiguity about what the loop button in the transport does when Advanced loop is on in preferences: at the moment it seems it still only switches normal loop on / off.

  Exactly.  That was the plan.  Though it probably wouldn't be too hard to add "all" into the rotation.

OK I guess that can be for the future as advanced looping is still considered beta. This also in light of the recent addition of the loop button (see other thread).

About the latter I think now we have two possible loop modes from a UX point of view the best would be to have two distinct buttons in the main toolbar (within the transport controls is usually rather idiomatic for sequencers) and two distinct keyboard shortcuts to toggle these on/off. I think it's fine for one to have 'precedence' on the other but which is active should always be evident.

  That's another option.  I see it as one button with three states (like VLC media player does).  But it can certainly be two buttons.

That (three states) could actually be really cool, maybe using colours (but taking into account your correct concern for accessibility with colours!)

I hope this helps and is clear let me know if you want maybe a walk-through and more detailed explanation of the above.

  Quite clear.  Just that one thing I mentioned above (right-click and shift+left-click are the same) I wasn't sure about.

Hope I explained everything correctly now ;-)


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