Sat, 15 Jul 2023 07:38:51 -0000 :

> Hi all,
> In further bizarre behavior, if I type the command rosegarden in a
> terminal, rosegarden comes up but NOT in superuser mode, if I then import
> a rg file, it seems to come up normally which contrasts that if I mouse
> click on an rg file it brings up rosegarden in superuser mode!
> In any event, in either mode I get the message "audio subsystem not
> available - can't record audio" from Rosegarden.
> However, I can record into Audacity, but then how do I synchronize it if I
> do several tracks at different times, i.e. not everything in one go?
> Thanks again for looking into this,

Somewhat OT... I've been finding direct audio recording into RG 'irregularly 
successful' so I have drifted to using jack_capture, but that also requires 
track alignement in any subsequent remix. And how do you record into Audacity 
BTW, never tried THAT one yet?

Finally about that superuser thing, that icon-clicking rang a bell here, does 
the icon execution begin with 'sudo' or such?

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