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Somewhat OT... I've been finding direct audio recording into RG 'irregularly 
successful' so I have drifted to using jack_capture, but that also requires 
track alignement in any subsequent remix. And how do you record into Audacity 
BTW, never tried THAT one yet?

Rosegarden can also use Jack Transport (only as 'Master' AFAIK) by selecting Edit > Preferences > General > Use JACK Transport

Then you could use jack_capture with the option:

jack_capture --jack-transport -mc

Then when you start playback in rosegarden jack_capture will start and stop when rosegarden is also stopped.

Note that because of the -mc option you first need to do the (jack audio) connections to jack_capture *before* you start recording - this is probably good because otherwise jack_capture tries to autoconnect

Another approach still using jack transport would be to use another software (e.g. Ardour) for the audio recording part (which I've done in the past)


Finally about that superuser thing, that icon-clicking rang a bell here, does 
the icon execution begin with 'sudo' or such?

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