On 14/02/2018 16:46, Marcus Wolschon wrote:

A nice example of 2 shared nodes making up 1 exit.

Err. it's clearly one node, with one entrance, one exit, & one continue.

Irrelevant to your point but not to mine.

Err.. but it was my point being discussed. I started the thread!

Or do you proclaim that e.g. accurate graphical rendering of a map is not important for anyone?

Are you serious? The reason I mapped it as such was to make it accurate. Adding a separate section would make it *inaccurate*

That pedestian crossings on the legs of a roundabout are not important for anyone?
That the roundabout-segment a postbox is at is not important for anyone?

Also for vehicle routing, calculating the metrics as preicsely as possible is a major quality factor in good routing. So if using a roundabout is much slower itself and slows you down in front of (decellerating) and behind the roundabout (accelerating) compared to a simple right-turn, then this is an imporant thing to model correctly.

If a construction site or traffic jam blocks one exit, your model would block the entire roundabout instead of just that exist. Causing the driver to be routed way around that intersection while for
his/her particular route it poses not much of an issue.

Again, I think you've gone way off piste.


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