This is the fourth test release of RPCEmu based on the wide ranging 
chnages made for qt5.
Please test this version as thoroughly as possible, and if you previously 
reported an issue with 0.8.101 and it is listed below, please test and 
confirm it is fixed.

 - In 'Follow host mouse' mode, the mouse should work correctly if you 
   change to fullscreen, change RISC OS mode and leave fullscreen again.
 - Several fixes to the implementation of 'Follow host mouse' 'Move 
   Mouse' feature (introduced in 0.8.101). An off by one in the Y axis 
   fixed, and it should now work in rectangular pixel modes (such as mode 12).
 - Following reports of the escape key not working in previous versions 
   this appears to be resolved now. However, YOU MUST REPORT ANY INSTANCES 

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Matthew Howkins
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Peter Howkins

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