Joel M. Halpern allegedly wrote on 02/04/2010 09:26 EST:
> I believe it has now been demonstrated that the terms CEE and CES are
> being used by different people to mean different things.
> That is even less useful than when I thought I knew what they meant.

Weren't they written down, in a Lixia et al. draft?

> PS: The statement from Robin recently leads me to conclude that I don't
> even know what he means by the terms CEE, and CES.  And he coined them.
> "The CES vs. CEE distinction does not arise from whether hosts are
> altered or not.  It arises from the fundamentally different
> mechanisms which are used by these two different types of
> architecture to achieve scalable routing."

That makes sense to me: the two different approaches it distinguishes
between are to separate edge routing/addressing from non-edge and
eliminating the distinction.  But that's just one criterion, and not
every approach benefits from its use.

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