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> Subject: Re: [rrg] LISP does not implement Locator / Identity Separation
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>     > routable within a certain scope; even if that scope is only node-local.
>     > Conversely, a true identifier ... is not routable within any scope.
> I guess the difference between a name with is 'routable' only within the
> confines of a single machine, and another name which is "not routable within
> any scope" is a finer hair than I apprehend how to split.

Consider an end system which from outward appearance looks
like a "router-on-a-stick" with a single physical interface,
but inwardly is really a "host with embedded gateway function"
per RFC1122. Now, consider that there may be an arbitrarily
complex network of virtual hosts, routers and links within
the physical host; perhaps using something like vmware or the
Boeing CORE (
Each of these virtual hosts can configure an EID address on
an interface attached to a virtual link, and each virtual
router can route between EID addresses and prefixes without
ever pushing a single packet outside of the physical confines
of the end system. That is what I mean by "node-local".


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