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<employer hat off>
Any operator who would like to stand up and embarrass their favorite router
vendor by showing a graph of router boot convergence times is welcome to do
so.  ;-)
</employer hat off>

Ok, I'll jump on my soap box. In worst case, Juniper high-end routers have been demonstrated to take up to 10 minutes to install RIB to FIB. During this time, packets usually get blackholed (aka "krt queue blocking"). See thread in j-nsp in Dec 2009:


A bit of continuation here:


This is not a new issue;  It has started appearing over 3 years ago:


I've personally pursued a case with Juniper TAC on this for a long time but eventually gave up. One known architectural bottleneck is the slowness of RE-PFE IPC (unix socket), but I don't really belive in this being the root cause. I know others have also tried to work with the vendor to get this fixed.

Semi-relevant may also be a graph of BGP update sizes during a BGP DFZ flap event that I sent to idr list three years back, showing that of 87K BGP updates due to a single event, almost all of them are below 100 bytes in size.


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