Ken Chase <> wrote:

> You have NO IDEA how long it takes to scan 100M files
> on a 7200 rpm disk.

Actually I do have some idea !

> Additionally, I dont know if linux (or freebsd or any unix) can be told to 
> cache
> metadata more aggressively than data

That had gone through my mind - how much RAM do you have in the backup system ? 
Also what other options do you use - I've found some of them (especially 
hard-links) can have a significant impact on performance.

Otherwise, have you looked at StoreBackup ?
It's probably somewhat more than you are after, *but* it does have a mode 
specifically for efficient transfer of backups from one system to another. I've 
been using it for a few years for my backups (keeping multiple backups etc) but 
haven't used the remote transfer bit yet.

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