* Latest stable rsyslog from Ubuntu PPA
* 50-60 clients, sending to central receiver via omrelp (JSON payloads)
* About 5 clients, sending to central receiver via omfwd/tcp (standard syslog)

I use a standard "client" configuration for all nodes, including a central receiver that feeds into several downstream receivers (archival, testing, Graylog). The standard configuration does a $$myhostname check and if a match for the central receiver fails then the client forwards its messages on to the central receiver.

I have a standard "server" configuration that is used on the central receiver and two downstream receivers. A similar $$myhostname check is made and if a match succeeds for the central receiver then messages are forwarded on to the downstream receivers, otherwise if a match is made for the test downstream receiver then a set of test rules are run. Both downstream receivers forward their local messages back to the central receiver.

The central receiver has a ruleset bound to imrelp that processes the JSON payloads created on the rsyslog client systems. Another ruleset is bound to 514/tcp and 514/udp that processes standard syslog messages.

I'd like to get the local messages from the central receiver back into that same receiver. The way I have previously been doing this is by calling the same ruleset that is bound to imrelp. This was accomplished by way of a separate conf fragment that was only included on the "server" nodes.

Because I'm attempting to use a standardized rsyslog configuration for ALL nodes, I tossed that separate conf fragment and wrapped the imrelp ruleset call in the $$myhostname check that is used on all client systems. The conf file containing that imrelp ruleset is not present on the client systems.

On those client systems this causes rsyslog to complain that the ruleset cannot be found, even with the $$myhostname check in place that excludes the ruleset from being called on the client systems.

I know that in the end if I wish to have this level of abstraction (e.g., don't repeat myself, have a common "client" configuration) I will probably have to look at one of the automation tools I've heard about (Chef, Puppet, Terraform, etc), but I am trying for a smaller solution for the time being.

How do others handle processing messages generated locally on their central receivers? Do you just use the same forwarding rules/ruleset that the clients use so that local messages on the receiver are forwarded in via the imrelp interface?
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