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Kobus Bensch <kobus.ben...@trustpayglobal.com> wrote:

> I have now tried every setting possible. How do I give a group 
> permissions to see all the tickets in a particular queue, even if the 
> ticket owner has been changed to a person not in that group?

I may be misinterpreting what you want here, but this sounds like you just need
to grant the appropriate rights for that queue to that group and then also to
the owner role for that queue (so that owners who aren't members of the group
have the same rights).

So select the queue, click on "group rights", enter the group name into the
"Add Group" box and then enable the rights you want under the "General rights",
"Rights for Staff" and "Rights for Administrators" categories.

This is the way all our queues are set up but I did it quite a while ago so
exactly which rights are strictly needed to allow the above and which we have
added for other purposes I can't now recall...!  But I'd think you'd need at
least "View Queue" and "View Ticket Summaries" under "General Rights", as well
as "Modify Tickets", "Own Tickets", "Take Tickets", "View exact outgoing email
messages and their recipients" and "View ticket private commentary" under
"Rights for Staff".

 It's been a while since

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