That's odd.

I added the following to
        'RT::Ticket' => [
            'Custom Fields' => ['AAAAA', 'BBBBB',
                                'CCCCC', 'DDDDD', 'EEEEE',
                                'FFFFF', 'GGGGG', 'HHHHH',
                                'IIIII', 'JJJJJ',
                                'KKKKK', 'LLLLL', 'MMMMM', 'NNNNN',
                                'OOOOO', 'PPPPP', 'QQQQQ',

This gave me the error when logged in on the server to RT:
    An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details 
in RT's log files.
Logging in via an external site failed to do anything.

Not wanting to leave it broken, I edited the and places pound 
(#) signs in front of the lines above.  I then rebooted.

Now it is working.


Since it seems to be working now, I am not going to touch it for a while.


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