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> Callbacks I get now, at least I'm pretty sure I do. I've been reading the
> docs for RT objects, and if I can use any of the properties and methods I've
> found, I can see how plugins are so powerful.
> My sticking point now is modifying what's already there. I can remove items
> from a menu with deleteKey, but I haven't found a way to remove items from
> other areas of RT and replace them with my own.

You would use local versions of the Mason components. RT doesn't (at
this point) have that modular or dynamic of an architecture.

It'd be great to have flexibility for users to see what they want in
the layout - it'd probably be a big-ish undertaking to implement it.

 My ultimate goal, as I've
> said, is to redo the ticket history section on ticket summary and history
> pages, to make it easier to read and follow. I have an idea of how I'd make
> the display I want to see, but how do I also get rid of the default one?



"Copy /opt/rt4/html/share/SelfService/index.html to

So if you wanted un-callback-able modifications made to your RT, then
you'd copy, for instance:




and then hack on the latter.

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