On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 8:44 PM, Alex Hall <ah...@autodist.com> wrote:
>> You would use local versions of the Mason components. RT doesn't (at
>> this point) have that modular or dynamic of an architecture.
> I hoped you weren't going to say that. :) I was looking earlier, to find 
> where exactly the download/with headers links and other extras get assembled 
> and inserted. I couldn't find any of it anywhere. I found ShowHistory and 
> ShowTransaction, but I couldn't find where the text of replies and other 
> transactions gets turned into what you see on the web UI. I must have missed 
> something obvious, but I can't see what.

You could always get (by paying) BPS to make the modifications to
upstream - then you'd get something that is supported for the future
and the community would benefit by getting new functionality.

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