Hi Reza.

Nothing all that complicated but I did write an interface using Angular that 
compiles some statistical information on RT tickets and children. It creates a 
nice report on the progress toward milestones. Things like estimated time, time 
worked, time remaining, percent complete, and a color-coded status. It gives 
totals for each “epic” and a total for all work in progress, work completed, 
and work that has not yet begun.

I’m sure I could do a lot more but coding all this really isn’t “my job” and so 
time is limited.

Good luck.


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Greetings Community:

Past 3:00 AM EST here in Toronto and this learning exercise is just too darn 

I've already been digging deep inside the API documentations of RT, to be more 
specific the REST API.

The contributors and developers of RT are simply pure ingenious.  The REST API 
is allowing any Joe like me to come up with a beautifully designed web 
interface and communicate with RT to do almost anything (if not all).  I've 
already started writing code to integrate with bash scripts, php, simple CURL, 
etc., as the initial input by web-form, or telephone touch pad.  I'm only 
beginning to imagine the potential of a phone system integration of a call 
centre into RT.

Most of us here are systems admins, system analysts and coders.  Just 
curious...  how many of you folks here in this community have actually written 
your own apps to integrate with RT via the REST API?


[Superbly pumped to learn more.  Cheers!]

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