I have one stupid question - I am trying modify SelfService portal but i am 
facing that changes into html files are not affecting on the pages.
For example, modifying 
I tried to change
my $Query = "( Watcher.id = $id )";
my $Query = "( Watcher.id = 2 )";
(to just see what happens)
And it´s still same (it shows me only my tickets). Even when I change
$Rows => 50
$Rows => 5
There is output with 50 tickets. I think that it can be something about FCGI 
and caching but still no luck. If I move whole directory SelfService away it 
works (error 404). Can someone kick me to right direction? Thank you
Tomas Stehlik
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* Los Angeles - January 9-11 2017

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