I'm using RT 4.4.1 sitting behind Kolab 16 as a mail server. This includes amavisd-new as a filter, and this combination causes bounces to RT occasionally... and my customers aren't getting my replies!

If I send an email to an RT ticket, which I am the owner of, RT sends an email on my behalf to the requestor (as it should). Unfortunately, amavisd-new sometimes sees 2 "Sender" headers and rejects the email which creates a new ticket in RT with the bounce reason. Here' the header-1.hdr attachment that amavis replies with:

   Return-Path: <supp...@example.com>
   Sender: st...@example.com
   MIME-Version: 1.0
   Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
   Sender: Stephen Switzer <st...@example.com>
   Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2016 23:55:55 -0500
   From: "RT, Support" <supp...@example.com>
   To: supp...@example.com
   Subject: Re: [SBS #99845] Laptop will not connect to the internet
   In-Reply-To: <rt-4.4.1-1416-1482202966-319.99845-...@example.com>
   References: <rt-ticket-99...@example.com>
   Message-ID: <a1cd0f3d6b0cc448f7d4dd737df29...@example.com>
   X-Sender: supp...@example.com

Yes, I sanitized, even though you can deduce what it really was easily... :)

I grep'd the RT code, and found that lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm seems to be what is responsible... but no obvious line that tells me this code is used for OUTBOUND email. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? I'd be happy to hack code, I just want it fixed.

Thank you!


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