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   I'm using RT 4.4.1 sitting behind Kolab 16 as a mail server. This includes 
amavisd-new as a filter, and this combination causes bounces to RT 
occasionally... and my customers aren't getting my replies!

   If I send an email to an RT ticket, which I am the owner of, RT sends an 
email on my behalf to the requestor (as it should). Unfortunately, amavisd-new 
sometimes sees 2 "Sender" headers and rejects the email which creates a new 
ticket in RT with the bounce reason. Here' the header-1.hdr attachment that 
amavis replies with:

Hi Steve,

What is the wording of the actual reason for the bounce within the bounce 
message? What do the headers of the message that bounced look like?  Does the 
email that's being bounced actually have multiple From: fields?  Have you tried 
whitelisting senders in amavisd?

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