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> On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 11:32:36AM -0500, Alex Hall wrote:
> > Thanks, I didn't know that would happen. I did that to suppress the
> email notification; we want users notified if their tickets change owners,
> but only if that change is NOT from "nobody" to themselves.
> >
> > I just updated the script to record the transaction. It worked, because
> I got the email I wanted suppressed, and the owner still changed. Oddly,
> "nobody" is still the owner when I search for my ticket, though. Should I
> flush a cache or something? Mason cache wouldn't have anything to do with
> this, would it?
> Hi Alex,
> Well, that is not what I would have expected to happen. I do not know
> enough
> about the DB queries that are being run to generate the search results.
> Probably,
> my next step would be to look at the actual query and see where the
> incorrect
> results are being produced. I am not much help because we use PostgreSQL as
> the DB and not MySQL. Sorry, I cannot be of more assistance.

How do I view the actual query being used? Is there a way to get RT to
store it, or some other trick? Thanks.

> Regards,
> Ken

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