Hi all,
RT is sending out notifications for old tickets just like we want it to. If
a ticket hasn't been updated in seven days and the status is open or new,
the owner gets an email every weekday until the ticket is updated. What I'd
like to do, though, is have a way of changing that "every weekday" bit for
stalled tickets.

Instead of warning users every weekday about tickets that are stalled and
haven't been touched in a while, I'd like to warn them once or twice a
week. I can't run the cron job that seldom, though, or a ticket could go
days longer than it should without being picked up. Is there any way to
only send an email to a user if the system has not emailed them in N days?
I could add a column to the Tickets table for this, or add a new table, but
I always like to stay clear of database schema modifications if I can.
Besides, I don't know how to interface with a custom table using RT SQL.

Is there any way of doing this? I wouldn't mind lowering active ticket
warnings to every other day as well, if I could, so this would help
multiple places. Thanks for any thoughts.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department

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