Maybe use a custom field for Company?  Or create Company-specific catalogs?

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Brian <>
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 2:59 PM
To: rt-users
Subject: [rt-users] Assets RT 4.4.0

Hello List,

I was asked to start using RT for Assets. I created a new catalog.

I put in my computer for test with serial number and details

When I set the owner. I could not set the Company it would only let me pick a 
domain account

So as an example my account is smithjohn and my email is<>
When I add the record it picks by account name smithjohn
When I want to search by owner after I pick smithjohn and it reformats it to 
the email address and does not find my asset.
I can search on other fields but I would like to search by owner.

Any ideas?


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