It looks like I've found the problems. To recap: I've got MySQL Server 5.7 on a 
Windows Server 2012 host running an RT database of ~20GB. My mysqldump backups 
started becoming truncated for some reason.

I'm not sure how much of this is relevant to Windows, but it turns out this is 
what was happening:
Using the --results-file= instead of > was masking a "max_allowed_packet" 
problem. Once I switched my backup scripts to use the redirect it appeared. The 
backup is still crashing, but the size is larger now. I'm tweaking my 
max_allowed_packet size to get it stable.

Also, I saw a note that if you're dumping data to the local host that using 
"shared memory" is faster than a TCP connection to local host. I'm tempted to 
try it but if anyone has any experience there I'd appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone who helped debug this with me. I hope this helps someone 
in the future!

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