Hi Alex,

On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Alex Hall <ah...@autodist.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Where would I go to change the default format for the list of tickets shown
> when you click a queue name?

I presume you are talking about the Queue List?

 Can this be done on a queue-by-queue basis, or
> only as a modification to some template in share/html?

I don't think there is anything out of the box that will do what you
want. That being said, we use a callback to tweak the output for just
a single queue.

Note: the path may be different for the callback file location due to
us running 4.2.

# cat 
my $umd_link_all = sub {
    my ($queue, $all_statuses) = @_;
    my @escaped = @{$all_statuses};

    # People want to see resolved tickets in the calendar view
    # of their QueueList - that is, for the Computer Management (CM) queue.
    # Aside from this "if" statement, this sub routine was lifted from
    # upstream's version.
    if ($queue->{Name} eq 'CM') {
        push @escaped, 'resolved';

    s{(['\\])}{\\$1}g for @escaped; #'# help out the syntax highlighting

    my $search = ${$build_search_link}->(
        "(".join(" OR ", map "Status = '$_'", @escaped).")",

    if ($queue->{Name} eq 'CM') {
        my @fields = map
            { "'<small>__${_}__</small>'" }

        my $format = $m->interp->apply_escapes(
            join(',', @fields),
        $search .= '&Format='.$format;

    return $search;

${$link_all} = $umd_link_all;



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