On Jan 4, 2008, at 11:41 AM, Philip Hallstrom wrote:

>>> I've got a smallish site with not a ton of data at the moment.. but
>>> all that could change at some point so I'd like to plan with that in
>>> mind.  Currently I'm deployed on an nginx/mongrel stack that works
>>> quite well.  My site uses Ferret for search and it's ok.. the big
>>> problem is that some terms don't show up as expected.. especially if
>>> there are apostrophes, plurals, etc involved.
>>> I've got two choices that I see... pony up the O'reilly mini-pdf and
>>> tweak ferret settings or scrap ferret and go with Sphinx (and hope  
>>> it
>>> handles cases like this better).  I'm not sure how much time the
>>> latter would take me but, assuming that I'm going to spend somewhere
>>> around 40 hours anyway, which route would you all recommend?
>> We've used ferret on past projects... and now use sphinx. We're not
>> likely going back to ferret. ;-)
> Can you elaborate on why?  I'm mostly just curious :)
> To the parent...
> the ferret PDF booklet is pretty full of good information
> if you stick with ferret.  I don't however remember if it discusses  
> how to
> handle words with apostrophes in it.  It does talk about how to hand
> plurals via the StemFilter though.
> http://ferret.davebalmain.com/api/classes/Ferret/Analysis/StemFilter.html
> -philip

        Ferret is unstable in production. Segfaults, corrupted indexes  
galore. We've switched around 40 clients form ferret to sphinx and  
solved their problems this way. I will never use ferret again after  
all the problems I have seen it cause peoples production apps.

        Plus sphinx can reindex many many times faster then ferret and uses  
less cpu and memory as well.

- Ezra Zygmuntowicz
-- Founder & Software Architect
-- EngineYard.com

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