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 |Dňa Sun, 18 Feb 2018 00:53:51 +0100 Steffen Nurpmeso
 |<> napísal:
 |> Slavko <> wrote:
 |> And hu-hu, Sailor. ^.^
 |I don't understand... I simple forgot to translate greeting from my
 |email template (prepared in my native language). I consider greeting as
 |important at start of talking, not at every related response, as in
 |real live ;-)

Very embarassing.  Ahoj is a nice greeting, worldwide, but my mind
placed it into a "maritime environment" (as Ahoi!).  Do not assume
Germans know anything about their neighbours except possibly

 |And my English is not best, then i am targeting to important content of
 |messages, and i am writing without sociable nuances, because i often
 |wrote them in bad way :-P

Do not ask me about my english!  Especially not in
a hurry etc.  It is a shame that i have zero knowledge about
slavic languages, to put it that way.

 |> Ah, i think i see.  And you have likely looked at the original
 |> Debian recipe, which had this error, too, unfortunately.  Which
 |> was one reason for me to redo the configure system.  ..And that
 |No, the Debian was involved only in that i found s-nail as heirloom
 |mailx replacement. BTW, if Debian maintainer is reading this too, i set
 |mailx alternative to s-nail manually (i still use Debian on my servers)
 |and it works as expected, hope it consider to add it back into deb
 |package again.

Maybe he does.  There is Bug#858080, which recently saw some
traffic, and Paride saying

  It seems to me that, even if now s-nail supports custom headers, the
  incompatibility isn't solved: in bsd-mail the '-a' flag is used to add
  custom headers, while in s-nail '-a' is for attaching files.

  While I'd really like s-nail to provide /usr/bin/main, I don't see an
  easy way to solve this issue.

as well as

  It is probably not so easy. I think the only possibility here is a
  wrapper script that implements the bsd-mail interface using s-nail.

and i also said something, also

  I cannot change -a, even if i would like to (i do not, i think -a
  for attachment is good), it is part of the codebase from the very
  start, and you will find many internet references which say that
  mailx -a can be used to attach files.

We are "mail-reader, mailx" indeed, and to deny us that justified
by or with a non-standard flag is not ok.  Thanks for your
support, Slavko.  Maybe Paride can overcome this decision.

 |> also uses explicit prefixes for tracked variables, VAL_ for values
 |> and OPT_ for options.  So of the three DESTDIR should be necessary.
 |> Should work, but ring through if not, please!
 |You are right, i removed all and leave only DESTDIR and all works,
 |thanks for help to get our ebuild better!

Great, all thanks to you, Slavko!

 |> regarding the software i maintain i am very far away from that..
 |> And then there are many engineers which create many new RFC
 |> standards.  Loooong.
 |Yes, software developing and maintenance is endless story, especially
 |networking software :-)
 |have nice day

You too.  Ciao (and ahoi!),

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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