On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 9:39:28 AM UTC-7, Salvatore Stella 
> * Thierry <sage-goo...@lma.metelu.net <javascript:>> [2016-09-21 
> 18:35:25]: 
> >Hi, 
> > 
> >bikeshedding for bikeshedding: 
> > 
> >- if we decide to centralize everything in a single file (but we should 
> be 
> >  aware that a backward move (e.g. for modularization) will require some 
> >  work), why not using bibtex (there must be some sphinx interface 
> >  somewhere), to that we keep all information with proper fields (might 
> >  also be good for pdf rendering) ? 
> Et VoilĂ : 
> https://sphinxcontrib-bibtex.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ 
That looks interesting. If/when we switch to a single bibliography file, 
then we could later switch to using this interface. Converting a single 
ReST bibliography file to a bibtex file would be painful but not that hard, 
and then changing all references throughout Sage from [ABC1999]_ to 
:cite:`ABC1999` could be done by a script.


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